5 Reasons Kids Can Benefit From A Slant Board For Writing

Learning to read and write is an integral part of a child’s growth. Unfortunately, many children have trouble writing due to a number of factors that educational therapists can help decipher. In most cases, a lack of ability to write is caused by the positioning of the pen and paper as well as the possibility of slouching forward in an effort to write. In these cases, a slant board for writing can benefit the child in a number of ways:

1. In order to grasp a pencil properly and to be able to write neatly, a student needs to be able to extend their wrist while holding a writing instrument. A writing board for kids can help with this wrist extension and allow a child to write using fluid motions as the board enables them to naturally get used to this step.

A girl using a slant board for writing

2. When in school, there are many reading and writing assignments to take into consideration, and students may often suffer from eye strain. Sometimes, a student may even pull a book or assignment closer for easier viewing. A slant board can help reduce eye strain by providing a visual slanted spot where the student can easily read the text without having to try too hard.

3. Many children and this is normal, have trouble writing while their paper is floating on their desk or another writing surface. They will often use their non-dominant hand in an effort to keep the paper still and to prevent it from floating from their grasp. A slanted writing board comes with a clip that allows students to keep their papers laying flat, which allows them to hone their coordination skills and to focus on the task at hand.

4. Good posture starts in school, and if a child isn’t sitting in a 90° angle behind a desk, it can become a real problem down the line. It all starts with sitting with feet planted firmly on the ground, knees bent at the perfect angle, and the torso upright in a 90° position. If a student isn’t sitting like this, it’s important to employ the use of a writing slant board. What the board is able to do is to slant the work at an angle that allows the student to sit upright properly and still be able to see everything. If a child’s feet aren’t able to touch the ground, a stack of books should be employed.

5. The right writing slant board can help improve handwriting by providing a good work surface and allowing students to build inner core muscles. Take into consideration that writing is an art form that must be developed early on, and learning good habits can help students learn legible handwriting.

It’s unfortunate that not many people are aware of the benefits that a slant board for writing can offer students. Not only can children learn to concentrate and write better, but also they can improve their postures while positioning their feet and wrists at the proper angles, maximizing both reading comprehension and knowledge retention. Over the long term using a writing and reading tool such as a slant board can have numerous benefits for good health, mood, and productivity.